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Probate Administrator Services

Angel Reyes and Associates - Probate Administrator Services

Probate work is typically below 5% of a foreclosure portfolio, but demands a disproportionate amount of a firm’s or a servicer’s time and resources. There are simply too many moving parts, and giving them part-time attention can lead to disaster.

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Mortgage Default Servicing

Angel Reyes and Associates - Mortgage Default Servicing for Lenders

At our law firm, we limit our practice to mortgage default representation in Texas and Arkansas, where both partners are licensed attorneys. Services provided in each state include foreclosures, bankruptcy, evictions, mortgage litigation and closings.

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Business Litigation

Angel Reyes and Associates - Real Estate and Business Law

"Business litigation" is a complex area of law which includes a variety of contractual and tort claims such as breach of contract, fraud, tortious interference with contract and breach of fiduciary duty. Our attorneys have litigated numerous commercial disputes involving business, both small and large. We have consistently taken on some of the largest corporations in the country and prevailed.

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