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Probate work is typically below 5% of a foreclosure portfolio, but demands a disproportionate amount of a firm’s or a servicer’s time and resources. There are simply too many moving parts, and giving them part-time attention can lead to disaster.

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  • Flat-fee Billing. No guessing, no estimates, and no hassle!
  • If we do not get appointed then you do not pay!
  • No charge for training. No charge for forms.
  • No charge for answering training or support questions.

We are uniquely situated to meet the needs of mortgage default law firms – as we have served large banks for the last 12 years. Understanding the restrictions, timelines, and pressures of large national banking clients allows us to adapt the otherwise difficult to navigate Creditor’s Probate Administration Process to a simple to follow process. We want to train your team, help automate your probate systems, and provide you with every form, process, and checklist that you will need to successfully prepare a deceased borrower’s file for foreclosure.

Solving Your Probate Administration Challenges...

PROBATE ADMINSTRATION CHALLENGE #1: Probate files which only average 2-4% of a foreclosure portfolio tend to consume more time, resources, brainpower, and energy then any other foreclosure task.

SOLUTION: Because we have seen, solved, and conquered almost every probate issue in a foreclosure setting, we can share the knowledge. We have the forms, the systems, the checklists, and the ability to train your staff. 90% of your work can be done by your own support staff. We will train your staff and give you all the resources you need to move files and we can offer the lowest rate in the industry. This training is at no cost to you. Our motivation is to get you moving files. If you move files then we get work.

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PROBATE ADMINISTRATOR CHALLENGE #2: The foreclosure “death case” has too many moving parts. In a process driven world, probate is too hard to manage.

SOLUTION: We have automated the probate foreclosure process. We will bring, not only the forms and checklists, but we will help you systemize and integrate these probate solutions into your everyday workflow. An example of this is that we will help you set up the process in your case management system with timelines, dates, reminders, etc. All our forms are merge documents that can be set up with most case management systems (or manually via excel and word merge options). We will not only set up the system, but we will train your staff how to use the system.

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